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Business Management Consultancy

"Wherever you find something extraordinary, you’ll find the fingerprints of a great teacher." –Arne Duncan
Likewise, to create an extraordinary business, the business owner requires an expert business advisor by his side. It is the collective power that drives business growth.

Team IBA has a collective experience of mentoring more than 125 businesses across industries and sectors.

Every business that wants to grow has to face some issues which slow down the pace of growth. Some of these issues are general but some issues are very specific and unique and faced only by that particular business.

IBA has carefully selected a few systems and processes which are absolutely necessary to be implemented for minimising the impact of general issues faced by any business which is proceeding on the growth path. IBA has designed programmes to implement these systems, processes and other requirements in the day to day operations of any business. The programme names end with the term “VIDHI” which is a Hindi word meaning “METHOD”, a method to do things in a proper and systematic manner.