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Dr. Mohd Aslam

"I feel that the major advantage of engaging with IBA is that they do not educate us by conducting lectures in a seminar hall or carry out coaching class style sessions. They understand each and every aspect of our company, our pattern of working, our vision for the future of the company and accordingly design growth milestones and hand hold us reach them. They also train our staff and workers to be a part of the growth story. The best part about IBA is that their approach is very realistic and not impractical or over the top."

Mirza Afzal Baig

"Getting knowledge is one thing and implementing it is a totally different ball game. IBA is very good at strategizing, customizing and implementation. After interacting with IBA, I got a clear road map and a firm foundation to build my business. I feel that IBA has done a good job in my company."

Manish Doshi

"I am not a person who accepts change quickly. Me and my wife started this company in 1992 and I was carrying on in the same pattern that we had set up when we started out. Once I met IBA people, I realized the need to upgrade my way of conducting the business. IBA helped me in many ways, right from basics like developing Vision, Mission statements to strategy planning, operational improvement, organizational development and financial management. I give complete credit to IBA and its people for helping me changing the way I do business. Working together, we created something new."

Raunak Shetty

"The company was started by my father 20 years ago. It was easy for me to point out what not working in favour of the company’s growth, but correcting it was altogether a different task. What was to be done was known but how to do it was the problem. This prompted the search for consultants who could help and provide guidance. Thus began the journey with IBA. The journey started by going back to the roots, revisiting the vision with which the company was started, analysing the entire journey till date and creating a new vision for the future. IBA has helped in every aspect, right from developing systems and processes specifically customised for our company, to training the top management on strategy and planning for the future. Associating with IBA has been very educating for us, IBA has been very supportive. The best part is that IBA had a neutral point of view and getting unbiased suggestions leading towards growth was very refreshing."