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ISO Certification Consultancy

ISO certifications are a mark of quality and credibility, and they are a must-have for any organization. When any company displays its ISO certificate on its website, banner, stationery, or social media posts, it establishes its credibility as a strong market player that is able to produce cost-effective, high-quality, functional and reliable goods or services. ISO certificate is easily recognized across the globe, this makes it easier for companies to enter into foreign markets for exports.

There are immense number of benefits associated with ISO certifications. The top five reasons why an organisation should consider getting ISO certified are,

  1. Improved visibility.
  2. Increased profits.
  3. Better brand credibility.
  4. Right decision making.
  5. Improved processes.

It does not matter if the company is big or small, old or young, an ISO certificate is a timeless asset for any company.

To date, there are roughly 22,000 ISO standards covering various industries and the list is continuously evolving. These standards cover a huge range of activities. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials, etc. To help organisation get the most out of the ISO standards management system, IBA provides following ISO related services


ISO standards were created to fit every organisation, regardless of their sector, size, complexity or age. The standards are written in a quasi-legal language, which makes it a bit difficult for business owners to exactly understand requirements and so may not be able to choose the exact standard applicable to their organisation. IBA helps in choosing the standard by evaluating the business process and then suggest the right standard applicable to that organisation.

Once an ISO standard that is the most beneficial for the organisation is selected, IBA conducts a gap analysis to highlight the differences in the current practises and the requirements of the chosen ISO standard. Based on this assessment, IBA will suggest to either modify the processes or to build a completely new management system.


Once the management system is implemented in the day-to-day operations, IBA will observe the operations for a few months. IBA will conduct internal audits to find any minor inconsistencies that may exist and corrective and preventive actions are suggested. Corrective actions get rid of any areas of the processes that are not up to the mark, whereas, preventive actions help ensure that there are no non-conformities.


IBA will help the clients in getting their companies certified by the best certification bodies. IBA will assist in preparing documentation that will be perfectly aligned to the requirements of the chosen standard. Their expertise will ensure that there is no duplication of documents, no redundancies, and all documents that are produced are concise, clear and succinct. This will achieve compliance in the shortest span of time and speed up the certification process.


IBA provides ongoing support to the organization to maintain its ISO certification, including conducting periodic internal audits and providing guidance on how to address any non-conformities identified during the audits. IBA also provides post certification enhancement services for clients who want to get certified for multiple standards.